Bluegrass United Academic Center Electives

A Program of Bluegrass United

BUAC Electives Model 

In order to maintain an academic program of exceptional value for high school students, BUAC Electives employs a university model of instruction and administration. With this model, 1) students are held directly and solely accountable for their behavior and academic performance, and 2) students are given full responsibility for executing all the requirements of BUAC Electives. In keeping with the homeschool tradition, parents are expected to be involved in this process by monitoring their children's progress at BUAC Electives.

This model assists students by helping them embrace personal responsibility and ease the transition to university and work environments. This model assists the academic center because programming can be run in an efficient manner by a small team of volunteers. This model assists parents because it gives them full responsibility for monitoring their students' progress at BUAC Electives and overseeing any needed correction at home, should it deem necessary.    

BUAC Electives Guidelines and Expectations 

BUAC Electives is a Christian program where all instruction and student behavior is expected to be compatible with Biblical ideals. BUAC Electives is a private program designed for the mature, independent, responsible, and self-disciplined home school student willing to abide by all the guidelines and expectations of BUAC Electives. 

BUAC Electives students are solely responsible for their behavior and classroom work at BUAC Electives. BUAC Electives leaders and instructors do not individually monitor students, nor are they involved in executing any kind of discipline or correction. There is no established system of warnings or notifications for student misconduct.  If misconduct occurs, students are asked to leave the class, or the program as a whole, until all parties agree (teacher, administrator, and student) the student is prepared to return. 

To clarify, teachers and leaders at BUAC Electives are patient with students who make mistakes, but there is zero tolerance for disruptive conduct or intentional misconduct. Students who purposely engage is misconduct, including off-campus conduct that negatively impacts the BUAC Electives program or community, may be suspended or terminated, usually without warning. In some less-serious cases, students are allowed to remain in the program without penalty, but are not allowed to re-enroll in future semesters.  

BUAC Electives provides a "transitional" environment," where student interaction and teacher instruction is not controlled to the same degree as traditional homeschool programs serving younger children. It is possible students may be exposed to ideas and values different from their own. Students must be mature, independent, and responsible to function well in this environment without assistance from parents.  

While BUAC Electives refrains from involvement in many personal student issues, it seeks to maintain a safe, wholesome, and supportive social and learning environment for students. To that end, the following is not tolerated in any form: 1) bullying, 2) engaging in illegal or immoral behavior (as defined by Christian standards), 3) ongoing personal misconduct or disruption that drains the resources of BUAC Electives, and 4) spreading rumors and/or sowing seeds of dissension among students, teachers, or the program as a whole, either on campus or in other public forums, such as on social media. These infractions typically result in suspension or termination from BUAC Electives. 

If students or parents have classroom concerns they want addressed, they should address them directly with the classroom teacher. If not satisfied with the result, they may appeal to the BUAC Electives leadership. If still not satisfied, they may appeal to the Bluegrass United Leadership. The decision of the Bluegrass United Leadership is final. 

BUAC Electives students must show respect to the church venue by staying in designated areas, not harming church property, following the BU Dress Code, and showing the upmost respect to church members and staff. Any student behavior that threatens the relationship between BUAC Electives and the church venue is addressed in a swift manner. 

BUAC Electives students must respect their placement in the program by being prompt to classes, being consistent in attendance, attending the classes they are enrolled in, contacting instructors via email prior to an absence, completing all assignments promptly, and abiding by the BU Dress Code. Skipping classes, as evidenced by 1) students being on campus, but not in class or 2) students publicly acknowledging they are skipping classes, is considered a serious infraction at BUAC Electives because it undermines the academic mission of the program and is unsupportive of teachers and staff.

Bluegrass United is committed to building a strong community among high school students where friendship is the tie that binds everyone together. To that end, evidence of “pairing off” in couples is not permitted during Bluegrass United programming or events.