Bluegrass United Academic Center Electives

A Program of Bluegrass United

BUAC Electives Spring 2022 Schedule



Fellowship Hour: Noon-1 P.M.   


First Hour: 1-2 P.M. 

Hospitality -Planning the Perfect Party or Event

Teacher:  Cindy Fawcett

Class Fee: $10

This class will be a crash course in event and party planning. It will include lectures, guest speakers and many hands-on activities such as making table arrangements, posters, invitations and more. Students will develop leadership skills and learn to work together as a team. Additionally, students will:

·       develop a plan and timeline

·       create and manage a budget

·       write menus and understand the principles of food preparation

·       learn effective fundraising

·       marketing and promotion

·       develop a theme and décor

·       work with vendors and venues

The class will be involved in fund raising for BU activities and will practice the concepts learned in class by actively participating in the planning of BU socials and dances.

Dance Basics

Teacher: Jennifer Escobar

Class Fee: None

This class could also be called "How to Not Make a Fool of Yourself on the Dance Floor." We'll discuss the difference between rhythm and beat, and practice using different dance moves to respond to various musical styles. Students will learn some established dance styles, such as waltz, swing, and two-step, as well as creative styles. Come to class ready to move!


Teacher: Dana Moore

Class Fee: None

     The yearbook class is responsible for producing a yearbook that memorializes Bluegrass United for the 2021-2022 school year. This will include individual student photos, teachers, socials, sporting events, and graduation. Students in this class will use Picaboo!, an online yearbook site, to design, layout, and produce the yearbook. We will learn how to use the design software, the fundamentals of good design, how to select and edit photos, and more. The class will also be promoting yearbook sales.

      Bringing a laptop to class is highly recommended. Students will be assigned sections to design/edit and gain more hands-on experience if they have their own computers in class. The rest of the class will work collectively as a group on pages in class. Possession of a quality camera and some photography experience is also beneficial but not required.

      If you’re ready to work hard and also learn some new skills, this is the class for you.


International Foods

Teacher: Natalie Lawson

Class Fee: $20

Travel the world with your taste buds!  We will be learning about and sampling food from various cultures such as Vietnamese Lettuce Wraps, Pad Thai, African Chapati, etc...  Students will have the opportunity to cook periodically as well as try many new foods! 

Investigative Journalism

Teacher: Maria Bryan

Class Fee: $5

Being an investigative journalist is exciting work. In this class each student will become an investigative journalist. They will choose a topic at the beginning of the class and do a report at the end. The report can be written as a newspaper article, video, or other possible forms. The class will focus on skills and techniques needed to be superb journalist. Students will learn what questions to ask during an interview and how to conduct an interview. They will learn about Sunshine Laws and how to get the information they want. We will also have a journalist from the Frankfort State Journal come to discuss her job and how to find the information needed for an in-depth investigation.

Current Events and Slippery Slopes

Teacher: Susan D’Souza

Class Fee: $2

What’s happening in the world and why does it matter? Do the choices we make as a society set us up for future failure or success, and is any of it relevant to us personally? How does something that happened decades ago affect us today? Each week we will look at the news of the week and investigate the background of one of the top stories, looking at historical impact on present-day events that are shaping our world.


Second Hour: 2-3 P.M. 


Simply the Story: Oral Inductive Bible Study through Storying

Teacher: Susan D’Souza

Class Fee: None

80% of the world does not prefer to learn through reading. Do you know how to tell a Bible story so that everyone can hear it? In this class we will learn Old Testament Bible stories—accurately—according to the oral tradition. Then, using the Simply the Story study technique, we will take a deep dive into each story and see what treasures are there waiting for us to discover. Paper or pencil not needed. See for more information. 

Television Through the Decades

Teachers: Chris and Dana Moore

Class Fees: None

Is television purely for entertainment? Oddly enough, popular shows can teach us a lot about culture and history while throwing in some valuable life lessons along the way. From “I Love Lucy” to “The Brady Bunch” to “Growing Pains” to “The Office,” television shows have the ability to shape the way we look at things. In this class, we will watch and discuss popular sitcoms from the 1950s to the 2010s. We will discover fun facts about each show, how and why these particular shows became culturally iconic, and what we can learn while partaking in the favored American pastime of watching television.  

*Strict adherence to the BU cell phone rule will be applied in this class.  In order to minimize interruptions during viewing and discussion, students will place devices on a table near the door.



Drawing Basics

Teacher: Alfredo Escobar

Class Fee: $15

Do you want to draw but you feel like your art looks like a small child made it? This class is for you! Learn about shading, perspective, light, ratio, placement, and more skills that will take your sketching ability to the next level. Bring your own pencils and sketch pad or use the instructor's supplies in class.

Early Childhood Development and Education

Teacher: Cindy Fawcett

Class Fee: None

A person develops more rapidly from conception to age six than in any other time span throughout their life.  The changes that happen before birth and in the early years of life impact us all and shape who we become as adults. In this course we will discuss the physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development of a child and what a child needs to become a healthy and balanced individual. We will explore how parenting/caregiving and early education experiences influence a child’s development and growth. Lastly, we will discuss practical, hands-on methods of helping little ones develop to their full potential. 



Musical Theater Performance (Dancing Chorus and Speaking Roles)

Instructor: BUPAC Staff

Fee: $50 

In this class, students prepare a Broadway-style musical theater production. Participation in this class is by audition only.



Third Hour: 3-4 P.M.


Investigative Reading

Teacher: Katie Hassall

Class Fee: $5

Have you ever read something and when you finished, you still weren't sure what you read?  Would you like to sharpen your reading analysis for the ACT?  This class will focus on comprehending and analyzing what you read.  We will work on sharpening critical reading and analysis skills in fiction, non- fiction, and science-based readings.  We will read and discuss stories and articles, while searching for the deeper meaning of what we are reading.   


Pottery, Methods and Techniques of Hand building

Teacher: Tina Cornett

Class fee: $20 for clay and glazes to be shared by the class

First Year Students: This class will focus on teaching multiple hand building techniques. The students will be taught a technique and then will use that to create a piece of artwork. The student will have creative control over what they want to make using the given technique. This will allow them to challenge their creative processes as far as they would like while learning hand building fundamentals. Students will need to do some work at home to complete projects

in time to be fired. The amount of time needed will depend on the complexity of the student’s design.
Class supplies:

* 2 small boxes (shoe box or cardboard works well) that can fit the project they are working on

*1 small container that can hold liquid without leaking, about 2-3 inches tall

(small tupperware or sour cream container)

*I will have tools for them to use in class, they may want to purchase some to

use at home but they can also use household items (toothpicks, plastic forks,

sponges, etc.) to achieve great results.


Financial Freedom: Beyond the Basics

Teacher: Chrissy Watts

Class Fee: $10 (optional online $20 StrengthsFinder test)

Are you on F.I.R.E.? Even know what I'm talking about?  (Financial Independence, Retire Early) We're going to do a quick review of basic financial skills and knowledge, figure out your goals, values and skills and then launch into investments, side hustles, real estate, crypto, helpful apps and tons of other "finance stuff". We're even going to see what you can do with $10,000 and hit the topics you want to dive into. The goal? Setting a plan and making it happen, because if you want a life that's extraordinary you have to do more than the ordinary!


What if the USA were not a Democratic Republic?

Teacher: Maria Bryan

Class Fee: $5

Everyone desires the best life possible. What does living a good life look like and how does government play a role in living a good life? Some forms of government such as Communism promise a utopian society or “heaven on earth”. But is that the true intention of Communism?  How does the Communist form of government view traditional religious beliefs and culture? What are the differences between Communism, Fascism, Socialism and Marxism and what are their policies? How are these forms of Government different than America’s Democratic Republic? This class will answer these questions as well as explore the dark origins of Communism. 


Musical Theater Performance (Full Cast)

Instructor: BUPAC Staff

Fee $25 (Singing Chorus Only)

In this class, musical theater students prepare a Broadway-style musical theater production. Dance and lead roles are by audition, but students may sign up for this class without an audition if they would like to be in the singing chorus. For more information, contact

Team Building for Teens

Teacher:  Natalie Lawson

Class Fee:  None

We will be utilizing all manner of games and exercises with a specific purpose in mind.  You will learn to work together, develop strategy and use your personal strengths to help your teams. This will be a fun class, but the goal is to learn necessary team building skills for the future. 


Team Building for Teens

Teacher:  Natalie Lawson

Class Fee:  None

We will be utilizing all manner of games and exercises with a specific purpose in mind.  You will learn to work together, develop strategy and use your personal strengths to help your teams. This will be a fun class, but the goal is to learn necessary team building skills for the future. 


Team Building for Teens

Teacher:  Natalie Lawson

Class Fee:  None

We will be utilizing all manner of games and exercises with a specific purpose in mind.  You will learn to work together, develop strategy and use your personal strengths to help your teams. This will be a fun class, but the goal is to learn necessary team building skills for the future.