Bluegrass United Academic Center Electives

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Bluegrass United Dress Code

The Bluegrass United Dress Code

This dress code is not meant to be a referendum on what constitutes modesty or Godly dress, but is a tool to better serve our families and simplify the management of our programs. 

Standard Dress Code Requirements: 

*Dress is to be modest/conservative and neat with no inappropriate pictures/wording. 

*Skirts, shorts, and dresses shall be no shorter than the top of knees. 

*No skinny jeans, yoga pants, or leggings may be worn without a knee-length shirt. 

*Form-fitting shirts, crop tops or low necklines are not appropriate.  Shirts need to reach the top of pants and have sleeves. If visible, sleeveless shirts and camisole tops are not permitted.  

*No spiked heels or ripped clothing. No extreme alterations and/or adornments to the body and hair (such as bold hair colors, multiple and/or unusual piercings, and distracting tattoos).

*In the case of formal events, female attire must be no shorter than the top of the knee. Slits in dresses and skirts must go no higher than the knee. No cut-outs or sheer fabric in midriff. Backless dresses may cut no lower than the bottom of the shoulder blades. Sleeveless dresses are permitted, but they must have at least one strap to support the dress on the shoulder.

BUAC Electives Dress Code 

*BUAC Electives follows the Bluegrass United dress code. Students who arrive at BUAC dressed inappropriately, in the judgement of any instructor or staff person, will be addressed. Depending on the modestly factor involved, some students "out-of-dress code" may be asked to leave for the day. Others will be allowed to stay, but required to adjust their attire for that day and in the future.  

“Significant or multiple dress code violations are considered a disregard for the rules and mission of BUAC and Tates Creek Christian Church. They may result in suspension and affect current and future placement in BU and BUAC Electives.