Bluegrass United Academic Center Electives

A Program of Bluegrass United

Bluegrass United Performing Arts Company

The Bluegrass United Performing Arts Company (BUPAC) exists to provide home school high school students the opportunity to participate in music and drama productions. BUPAC assists students in exploring the fields of music, drama, dance, and theater and provides opportunities to develop and improve important character traits and life skills, such as self-discipline, strong work ethic, and team-building skills.  

BUPAC is associated with BUAC Electives and, typically, meets at the same time and place as BUAC Electives. When this is the case, BUPAC students pay the regular BUAC semester tuition fee and may take up to two elective classes in addition to BUPAC. BUPAC students are not required to take additional elective classes, but the fee remains the same. Due to logistical concerns related to Covid-19, BUPAC will not be part of the regular electives fall schedule in 2020. However, theater opportunities will still be offered. Students should watch the BU News for announcements regarding upcoming performing arts opportunities. BUPAC hopes to rejoin the BUAC Electives schedule in the spring. 

BUPAC usually presents drama productions in the fall and a musical theater production in the spring. For more information contact