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2021 Fall Drama

BUPAC will be performing the American action spy comedy Get Smart by Christopher Sergel. This play is based on the 1960’s television series created by Mel Brooks and Buck Henry and recreated in a 2008 feature film starring Steve Carell, Anne Hathaway, Dwayne Johnson, and Alan Arkin.  

"Would you believe that seven police boats are closing in on us right now?" asks Maxwell Smart of the head of KAOS who now holds him captive. When the master criminal finds this a little hard to accept, the straight-faced Smart asks, "Would you believe six?" With that question, this bright comedy-satire put an expression into the language. Smart is off on a bizarre new case in which he must stop the sinister organization known as KAOS from their most shameful plot. Their plan this time is to prove their power by blowing up the Statue of Liberty! This is too much, and Smart springs—perhaps we should say stumbles—into action. Magnificently assisted by beautiful Agent 99, Smart proceeds from one gigantic blunder to another—each, however, somehow turning into a master stroke. This is the ultimate spoof of all secret agent thrillers. 

BUPAC Fall Drama Details

The artistic director for this production is Suzanne Bennett. 

Technical rehearsals and performances are tentatively scheduled for Thursday, December 2 - Tuesday, December 7.  Due to COVID, we are unable to confirm our dates with the theatre at this point, but we ask that all students participating reserve these dates for the show.

The Fall 2021 Drama will consist of a single cast with understudies.  However, opportunities to participate in the production will extend beyond the cast with BU students serving on the production and technical crews.  All understudies and those with minor roles will also have the opportunity to work on the production crews.  Crew descriptions are linked below.

All BUPAC students and their parents will commit to the expectations of BUPAC Drama as indicated in the document linked below to be signed with acceptance of the assigned role.  BUPAC students must be at least 14 years of age by Oct. 1, 2021 regardless of grade level.

The BUPAC Cast, Stage Managers, and some understudies will register for BUPAC during the 1 PM and 2 PM hours of BU Electives on Thursday afternoons, and BUPAC crews will register for BUPAC for the 2 PM hour only.  When registering for auditions, you will indicate your interest in the cast, crew, or both.  Those students new to BUPAC electives will be required to register for Freshman Foundations during the 1 PM hour.  However, these students may still audition and be cast in a minor role or participate on a production crew.  Those wanting to participate in the production crew only should also register at the link below by June 23 but are not required to attend auditions.

About Auditions

Students should sign up for auditions and/or production crew by June 23 HERE

Auditions will be held from 1-4 PM Thursday, June 24 at Tates Creek Christian Church in the Fellowship Hall. Enter through Entrance "C" at the back of the church. The Fellowship Hall is located on the first floor through the double doors at the end of the hall (under the gym).   There is nothing to prepare as students will be reading from audition sides.  Students may familiarize themselves with the play in advance by reading the character descriptions and monologues below. 

Those unable to attend auditions may submit a video recording of the attached monologue (the offstage “Voice”) by uploading a private video to YouTube and emailing the link to by June 23.

Audition Materials
Character Descriptions HERE.
Audition Monologue HERE.
Audition Sides HERE.
Production Crew Descriptions HERE.
BUPAC 2021 Fall Drama Expectations HERE.