Bluegrass United Academic Center Electives

A Program of Bluegrass United

What is the Bluegrass United Academic Center?


The Bluegrass United Academic Center (BUAC) offers core and elective classes to home-schooled high school students who are at least 14 years of age by Oct. 1. The core and electives programs are two programs of 10 programs offered by Bluegrass United (BU).  


BUAC is an entity that solely locates and secures independently contracted instructors to meet with homeschooled students in classes. Parents must hold their children accountable for their behavior and in the learning process at BUAC. Parents must also assist in the administration of the center on a limited, volunteer basis, when needed.  Although BUAC provides course descriptions and instructor information for each class, it is parents who must make the decision as to whether the class and instructor are appropriate for their child. This design is intended to respect the parents' role as the primary educator of their children. BUAC simply seeks to promote home education by assisting parents in finding tutors/teacher and providing a place where they can meet.


BUAC is not a school and does not attempt to provide a full-service high school program for students. The slate of classes offered reflect the number of qualified instructors obtained in any given year.  


All students at the academic center are in a voluntary association with BUAC and Bluegrass United. Both the student and BUAC have the right to remove themselves from this association if either party deems necessary. 


Bluegrass United desires to make excellence a hallmark of the academic center. For that reason, BUAC seeks qualified and dedicated instructors. In addition, teachers must demonstrate a commitment to home education, BUAC, and the BU mission and core values. Efforts are made to secure instructors who reflect the faith and values of our homeschool community.    


Bluegrass United is a Christian community where instruction and student behavior is expected to be compatible with Biblical ideals.